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Group Lessons at Schools

Hey guys. I want to start a lunch time or after school program for teaching Ukulele to kids. I have a teacher that has quite a bit of experience with another company doing exactly this. He says we need to contact the Principal. What do you thin the best method for contacting Principals would be? The teacher I have has never done the sales he has done a lot of group teaching.

He suggested emailing the Principal's the advantage is they will see the email if I can find their direct email address. The disadvantage is they will likely think it's spam and delete it.

I could call the schools and ask the receptionist to put me through. The receptionist will want to know what I am calling for and there is a good chance I won't get through and the message won't be passed on.

I can go in person with brochures. Speak to the receptionist. This will be time consuming and chances are in most cases I would be leaving a message and brochures with a receptionist but I think I am leaning towards this method. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
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