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posticon New POSTING RULES for these forums - PLEASE READ!

Hi Everyone,

Many thanks to all of you who have taken the trouble to respond to my request for feedback on how the forum has been going.

My enquiries have unearthed two main areas that I feel need to be addressed:

1. Disrespect for other members. This includes everything from mild taunts and wind-ups to open personal verbal abuse. It also includes replies to questions about musical or teaching skills that sometimes take on a rather patronising tone.

2. Going off topic. These forums are for guitar teachers and those directly interested in the subject of guitar teaching. Whilst I think a degree of latitude in subjects covered under this banner is essential, there are perhaps other forums better suited to discuss issues such as religion and morality.

So I would like to set down a few simple rules that will be applied henceforth and any breach of which may cause posts to be edited or deleted. Persistent ignoring of these rules may also result in the member concerned being banned from the forum.

Rule 1: All posts must treat other members with respect, no matter how strongly opposed your opinion is to theirs.

Rule 2: Posts offering advice and answers to questions should respect the fact that the member asking the question has shown willingness to expose their own ignorance and is to that degree rendered vulnerable. (I think we would all agree that a good guitar teacher instinctively understands this and will answer without patronising or belittling the enquirer in any way.)

Rule 3: If you want to change the subject, open a new thread. If it’s not about teaching guitar, please post it in the miscellaneous section.

I continue to welcome and encourage feedback in response to this post. This can be public (by reply to this thread) or private by PM or email to me.

I will try and monitor the forums more closely for a while to see that these rules get observed and I look forward to the communication level returning to one of lively, useful and interesting discussion.

Thanks, once again,


Nick Minnion

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