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Planning stage

Hi there,

I have got a HND in popular Music. Is this enough in terms of college education to teach guitar? I know some guys have a degree but I cant afford to study any more!!

I have purchased the ebooks and I am going to look through and digest.

I am making sure all my scales and chords are spot on

I am looking for a course to help me deal with challenging students especially if they have learning difficultys - any tips most welcome


Rob Greo
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Re: Planning stage

Hi Rob,

Apologies for a belated reply.

Quite naturally, all aspiring guitar teachers have their attention focused on their musical knowledge and worry about whether they are sufficiently educated in this area.

In my experience you can be reasonably effective as a guitar teacher in spite of having no formal musical education of any kind.

You must be able to play guitar of course - to a reasonable standard but the point that is so underestimated is that you must be able to TEACH. It amazes me how many people simply don't factor this in!

Teaching requires that you are able to break down what you can do and how you do it and feed it back to your students in bitesized chunks. Not everyone has the necessary mental skills or patience to be particularly good at this.

If you have read my ebooks you will have learnt a number of methods for developing these skills, but ultimately they are best learnt by starting to teach and focusing right in on the moment-by-moment needs of each individual student as you teach them.

All I'll emphasize here is: focus more on your teaching skills and your musical skills will actually pretty much take care of themselves (because you cannot teach without improving your own skills!!).

I wish you every success!


Nick emoticon

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