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posticon Welcome to's Free Resource Exchange Library

New Free Resource Exchange Library

This library is being set up in response to ideas expressed by teachers who attended the first 'How to be a Great Guitar Teacher workshop' (see workshop forum for details).

To join the scheme each teacher should submit three ideas (tabs of exercises, useful teaching riffs, licks, intros or solos etc..). Where possible these can be accompanied by sound files (mp3, wav, wma or similar).

These can be sent as attachments to me at nick@[sign in to see URL] and I will then upload them to a special library section of the [sign in to see URL] site to which all those participating in the scheme will be given access.

This forum may then be used by members to request further contributions to the library. So, for example, if you are struggling with teaching fingerpicking technique you might ask other members for specific ideas to help with that. Or you might ask something like: 'Anyone know any simple riffs you can teach a 6-year-old beginner?'

After the initial qualifying submission of three ideas there is no actual obligation to submit further material, but it is hoped that all members will respond to requests by others and start a good flow of ideas going.

There will be no charge for this service.

This forum can also be used to discuss suitable ways of presenting materials. For example how to use proportional fonts (e.g. courier) to write out tabs in ASCII format (much easier to download than graphics). Or how to use smple bitmap programs like MS Paint to make neat chord diagrams etc.

]Here's a sample posting to suggest appropriate format, but I shall be happy to include contributions in any usable format.

So go on - who's going to be next? emoticon

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